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  Short Sale People is a full service real estate brokerage specialized in Short Sales and
Foreclosures. We are recognized as one of the leading companies in Los Angeles County for providing outstanding results to all our short sale clients.
We work with homeowners, home buyers, investors, attorneys, other brokers and banks, negotiate prices, terms and conditions. We use our experience, skills and the network of professionals, to  accomplish our tasks in timely manner.
Bad mortgages and current economic conditions put millions of homeowners in distress. Home prices declined and homeowners found themselves with negative equity. Realizing this fact, Government  allowed banks to settle their loans with homeowners for less than originally borrowed.
If your loan balance is more than what your house is worth, then you are what is called a "underwater"homeowner. Paying on such a loan, mathematically, economically and financially does not make sense. If you or someone you know is in this situation or has a financial hardship, we can help you. Our services and consultations are free to all our homeowners and home buyers.In short sales all selling costs are paid by homeowner's lender, which makes our services to home owners totally free.
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